Engine and battery cooling

|January 02 , 2019

VDA QCs for engine and battery cooling

Robust and compact, our VDA QCs are compatible with various coolant fluid (glycol, oil, dielectric fluid, and more). Anti-rotation device is available in multiple positions. Specific diameters or designs  are available on request (angle, hose connection, head range) and  diverse integrated features can be added such as integrated pressure and temperature measurement.


P2L QCs for battery cooling

With its compact and robust design the P2L  withstands pressure pulsation. Various colors are available to differentiate the multiple loops.


E-lock QCs 

E-lock QCs are also recommended for engine cooling water lines for cost saving design and minimal insertion force.



Thermal management, a key focus of ARaymond’s strategy

Both traditional internal combustion engines and new EV and hybrid EV powertrains require thermal management systems to enhance performance, lower fuel consumption, and increase battery life and capacity.

The space available in battery packs is very limited, making battery cooling complex. Temperature management must be responsive and consistent across the battery pack to ensure safety in an environment where both electrical components and fluids are present.

New system designs combine passenger compartment air conditioning and battery temperature management. Whatever the system configuration, ARaymond has a solution.