The Model 246 Installation Tool is shipped with a plastic  plug in the air inlet connector. The connector has 1/4-18  female pipe threads to accept the air hose fitting. Quick  disconnect fittings and 1/4” inside diameter air hose are -  recommended. An air supply of 90 - 100 psi capable of 20  CFM must be available. Air supply should be equipped with  a filter-regulator-lubricator unit.

There are over a thousand different types of HUCK Nose Assemblies and some can be hard to identify. 

Please contact our engineers for the right solution

24699-10534.8 mm (3/16")BOM
24699-830-16.4 mm (1/4")BOM
24699-33189.5 mm (3/8")MAGNA-LOK
24699-33077.9 mm (5/16")MAGNA-BULB
24699-99-2457.9 mm (5/16")C6L/C120L
24699-100-2459.5 mm (3/8")C6L/C120L
24699-14397.9 mm (5/16")MAGNA-GRIP
24699-14409.5 mm (3/8")MAGNA-GRIP