specific application

|January 02 , 2019

ARaymond provides a range of assembly solutions for all opening glazing in a car. According to your design and glass type we can provide clipped and bonded assembly solutions.


Bonded curtain holder on sun roof (1)

This ARaymond™ fastener was designed to be adjustable and compensate for the gap between the curved glass and the curtains motor, which must be mounted horizontally. On-line assembly and our fast-curing adhesive mean that the part can be adjusted and production can continue immediately after bonding.

Third brake lamp studs bonded on backlight (2)

Bonding eliminates the need to drill holes near the glass edge, which weakens the glass. It also generates less vibration and better water-tightness.

Anti-burglar bonded clip for fixed side glass (3)

This metal anti-burglar clip secures the side glass that could otherwise be removed simply by cutting through the joint. The second part of the clip is fastened to the car body.

ARaymond’s compact clip and unique bonding process offer high performance on small bonded surfaces, providing an invisible fastening system that preserves the aesthetics of the glass.