ASME B1.1-2003 (R2008) Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN and UNR Thread Form)
ASME B1.2 1983 (R2017) Gages and Gaging for Unified Inch Screw Threads
ASME B1.3-2007 (R2017) Screw Thread Gaging Systems for Acceptability: Inch and Metric Screw Threads (UN, UNR, UNJ, M, and MJ)
IFI-301 2008 (R2013) Gage Calibration Requirements and Procedures for Thread Gages
ASME B18.2.1-2012 Square, Hex, Heavy Hex, and Askew Head Bolts and Hex, Heavy Hex, Hex Flange, Lobed Head, and Lag Screws
ASME B18.5-2012 (R2017) Round Head Bolts (Inch Series)
ASME B18.9-2012 (R2017) Plow Bolts
ASME B18.10-2006 (R2016) Track Bolts and Nuts
ASME B18.31.2-2014 Continuous Thread Studs, Studs for Flange Bolting (Stud Bolts), and Double-End Studs (Inch Series)
ASME B18.31.3-2014 Threaded Rods (Inch Series)
ASME B18.31.5-2011 (R2016) Bent Bolts (Inch Series)
IFI-111-2014 Hex Flange Screws
IFI-115-2014 Flange 12-Point Screws
IFI-148-2002 (R2013) Threaded Projection Weld Studs
IFI-199-2014 Tap Bolts (Inch Series)
SAE J429-2014 Mechanical and Material Requirements for Externally Threaded Fasteners
ASTM A193/A193M-17 Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel Bolting for High Temperature or High Pressure Service and Other Special Purpose Applications
ASTM A307-14e1 Carbon Steel Bolts, Studs, and Threaded Rod 60,000 PSI Tensile Strength
ASTM A320/A320M-17b Alloy-Steel and Stainless Steel Bolting Materials for Low Temperature Service
ASTM A354-17e1 Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steel Bolts, Studs, and Other Externally Threaded Fasteners