Huck’s proprietary, advanced swageforward tooling for BobTail fasteners, the SFBTT series, makes the installation process quicker and easier by reducing the force required to install each fastener. More compact and lighter weight than previous Huck lockbolt production tooling, BobTail installation tools also offer greater operator flexibility as well as extended reach into difficult areas.For tight, space-constrained applications, swageforward BobTail tools allow the operator to position his or her hand at a safe distance from the working structure during installation.


There are over a thousand different types of HUCK Nose Assemblies and some can be hard to identify. 

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SFBTT899-7929-10 (5/16")BOBTAIL
SFBTT899-7925-12 (3/8")BOBTAIL
SFBTT899-7927-12 (3/8")BOBTAIL