Part Number:Tab washer for slotted round nuts_圆螺母用止退垫圈   remark : DIN70952__GB/858-88
Part Number:Lifting nuts(eye nuts)_环型螺母   remark : DIN28129__GB63-88
Part Number:Tee nuts with pronge_T 型四爪螺母   remark : DIN7965__
Part Number:Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts,all metallic nuts_全金属六角锁紧螺母( 2 型)   remark : DIN6925_ISO7042_GB6185.1-2000
Part Number:Hexagon flange nuts_六角法兰面螺母   remark : DIN6923_ISO4161_GB6187-86
Part Number:Hexagon nuts with large wideth across flat (friction grip nuts)_大六角螺母   remark : DIN6915__
Part Number:Hexagon nuts,3d_长六角螺母   remark : DIN6334__
Part Number:Hexagon nuts,1.5d with collar_厚六角法兰面螺母   remark : DIN6331__GB6177-86
Part Number:Hexagon nuts,1.5d_厚六角螺母   remark : DIN6330__GB56-88
Part Number:Round nuts with set holes_圆螺母(带插销孔)   remark : DIN1816__
Part Number:Slotted round nuts for hook spammer_开槽圆螺母(配合沟头扳手)   remark : DIN1804__
Part Number:Hexagon domed cap nuts_组合式盖型螺母   remark : DIN1587__GB802-88
Part Number:Preailling torque typedomed capnuts with nylon insert_六角盖型尼龙锁紧螺母   remark : DIN986_ISO10511_GB6172.2-86
Part Number:Prevalling torque type hoxagon nuts,heavy type,with nylon_六角头薄型尼龙锁紧螺母   remark : DIN985_ISO7040_GB889.1-86
Part Number:Prevailing rorque type hexagon nuts,heavy type,with nylon_六角头尼龙锁紧螺母   remark : DIN982_ISO2982_GB812-88
Part Number:Locknuts_圆螺母   remark : DIN981_ISO7199_GB6184-86
Part Number:Prevaillng rorque type hexagon nuts,all metal nuts_全金属六角锁紧螺母( 1 型)   remark : DIN980__
Part Number:Hexagon thin slotted and castle nuts_六角头开槽薄螺母( 2 型)   remark : DIN979__
Part Number:Hexagon nuts with fine thread_细牙六角头螺母( 2 型)   remark : DIN972__
Part Number:Hexagon nuts type-2_六角头螺母   remark : DIN971__