Part Number:Tab washer for slotted round nuts_圆螺母用止退垫圈   remark : DIN70952__GB/858-88
Part Number:Washers,outside diameter appro.3d_大外径垫圈   remark : DIN9021_ISO7093_GB96-85
Part Number:Washers for steel structures_钢结构用垫圈   remark : DIN7989__GB1230-84
Part Number:Spring lock washers for screws with cylindrical heads_圆柱头螺钉用弹簧垫圈   remark : DIN7980_ISO8738_
Part Number:Washers for bolts with heavy type spring pinss_重型弹性圆柱销用垫圈   remark : DIN7349__
Part Number:Spuare taper washers for friction grip bolts on T-_楔型方垫圈   remark : DIN6917__
Part Number:Round washers for friction grip bolts_大垫圈   remark : DIN6916__
Part Number:Tapping screws and washer assemblies_自攻螺钉和垫圈组合件   remark : DIN6901__GB9074.1-17
Part Number:Screws and washers assemblies_机器螺钉和垫圈组合件   remark : DIN6900__
Part Number:Internal teeth serrated lock washers_内锯齿锁紧垫圈   remark : DIN6798-I__GB861.2-87
Part Number:External teeth serrated lock washers_外锯齿锁紧垫圈   remark : DIN6798-A__GB862.2-87
Part Number:Internal teeth lock washers_内齿锁紧垫圈   remark : DIN6797-I__GB861.1-87
Part Number:External teeth lock washers_外齿锁紧垫圈   remark : DIN6797-A__GB862.1-87
Part Number:Spherical washers,conical seats_球面垫圈   remark : DIN6319__GB849-88
Part Number:Plain washers for clevis pins_销钉专用垫片   remark : DIN1441__
Part Number:Plain washers for clevis pins(A 型 )_销钉专用垫片 A 型   remark : DIN1440_ISO8738_
Part Number:Washers for timber connectors_木材连接用垫片   remark : DIN1052__
Part Number:Sealing washers_锁紧垫圈   remark : DIN470__
Part Number:Washers with two taps_双耳止动垫圈   remark : DIN463__GB855-88
Part Number:Internal tab washers_内舌止动垫圈   remark : DIN462__