Opening glazing systems

|January 02 , 2019

ARaymond provides a range of assembly solutions for all opening glazing in a car. According to your design and glass type we can provide clipped or bonded assembly solutions.


Side glass lifting systems

ARaymond can provide reliable, efficient, easy-to-assemble fastening solutions for side window opening systems.


Bonded holders (1)

Ideal for when there is a single one-sided fastener to bond or when bonding onto laminated glass . Our fast curing adhesive eliminates curing stock for just-in-time delivery and production. This  bonded solutions can be used on the edge of the glass, allowing reduced glass dimensions and lighter weight. No holes on glass generate less vibration and better water-tightness.

Side window fastener (2)

This fastener is used to fasten side windows without any force on the window lift pin slider. Easy to assemble, its clips into pin slider with minimal force. It automatically aligns with the edge of the window  and tape ensure  anti-rotation. No special tools  are required to disassemble.

Window channel (3)

The geometry of the window channel designed by our engineering team ensures that rubber cannot move during the repeated up and down movements of the glass. The metal screws guide the channel into the right panel holes before fastening, making the work on our customer’s assembly line easier and more efficient.

Hinges and strikers for tilting side glass


ARaymond™ metal hinges and strikers are bonded onto glass, replacing the holes generally required to fasten tilting side glass It enhances aesthetics and eliminates water leakage and noise caused by holes in glass.

Opening backlight systems


ARaymond provides a complete solution for opening backlights that combines bonded ball studs and a bonded striker to support opening and buffer closing.

Together, the bonded ball studs and striker maintain the appearance of the backlight as the designer intended. The specially-engineered part, when used with our high-performance adhesive, can withstand constant stress on the part. No holes in glass for reduced vibration and water leakage.