|January 02 , 2019


ARaymond Network continues to grow in the commercial vehicle market.

Support changing markets

The implementation of new environmental standards, the pursuit of more efficient fuel systems, the need to improve drive retention, the move to mergers and acquisitions and the constant internationalization... The commercial vehicle market is undergoing profound changes. The challenges facing the commercial vehicle market are exactly what automakers faced 20 years ago. Today's ARaymond Network supports manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, engines and components through advanced technology and product innovation.

Building long-term partnerships

With its experience in the automotive market, ARaymond Network offers customized fastening and connection solutions based on the specific needs of commercial vehicle manufacturers. The ARaymond Network technical team can better understand their needs at the customer's early stages of the project. In a true partnership strategy, our goal is to help our customers to solve the most challenging design connectivity applications. Knowledge of specific market issues, streamlined processes and strong innovation capabilities... ARaymond Network strives to build long-term partnerships with key market players.

The advantage of facing future challenges

The establishment of an international network, a dedicated team on four continents, expertise in plastics and metal, a wide range of products and quality services... ARaymond Network has the necessary capital to meet this demanding market expectation. Its experience in the automotive market makes it a preferred supplier of component and engine manufacturers, providing long-term support around them and helping them solve tomorrow's challenges.

“We work with our customers to improve existing products and simplify the assembly line process. We are boosters”