|January 02 , 2019


1.pngBOM- compartment

High-intensity with structural Design, connected with Fasteners.

Best performance of Clamping Force and Anti-Shear Force

Suitable for Ceiling, Chassis, windows frame and cockpit.


C6L- windows frame

Strong anti-shear force and tension

Material: Aluminum, steel, stainless steel

Suitable for Air-conditioner, internal accessories, chassis and Side Compartment Plate, the joint and windows frame, as well as handrail.


Magna-Lok —Luggage Rack

Self-locking sided, Round lock groove ensure High-vibration can be resisted

Broad clamping range, Strong anti-shear force and tension and Excellent sealability

MaterialAluminum, steel, stainless steel


Magna-bulb — Internal Accessories

Self-locking sidedbroad clamping range and special design with Round lock groove.

Strong anti-shear force and tension as well as anti-vibration.

Suitable for low intensity plastics, aluminum and glass fiber, including air-conditioner, luggage rack and system-affected bracket.


Bobtail  Chassis

Heavy Fasteners with Large diameter. With high intensity and completely vibration-resistance,

Visually check if the installation is in place.

Suitable for bogies and chassis.