|January 02 , 2019


Electrical grounding

Panel-edge grounding clips are one of ARaymond’s high-added-value solutions. The electrical grounding wire is connected to a metal part within the product without the need to drill holes, weld studs, or screw in threaded and toothed washers. Clips are pushed on to the panel and ensure the electrical connection in one movement. We also offer shaft retainers to lock studs into panels or any other part with a flat surface. The clips are then pushed onto the stud from the top and a lug connector ensures the electrical connection.

Electrical grounding

A secure, robust connection for heat pumps

All of our Quick Connectors are 100% leak tested in our factory, guaranteeing you a safe connection. Helium leak tests are performed to prevent refrigerant fluid leaks that could limit the lifetime and performance of the system and harm the environment. We provide a secure and robust connection for heat pumps with our Quick Connectors, which are designed to withstand pressure of up to 30 bars for Ø7.89 and Ø9.49 and burst pressure of 100 bars.
We also ensure that our Quick Connectors are compatible with current and future refrigerant fluids.  Finally, we have obtained the relevant industry certifications (ISO 14903, for example) for our products. 

Secured connection