Inside door system

|January 02 , 2019

Door panel clips

These easy-to -install and serviceable snap-on panel fasteners confirm that assembly has been completed correctly with an audible click. High quality sealing ensures water-tightness.

Door panel retainer

This panel retainer prevents door trim from being ejected in the event of a side impact and can be disassembled for servicing. Offers easy quarter-turn installation and tolerance management. High quality sealing ensures water-tightness.




Safe and discreet


This innovative two-component screwless panel retainer is compatible with manual assembly processes.

The pin, pre-mounted to the door trim panel, is manually clipped into the fastener base, easily mounted onto the car body by quarter-turn.

The specially-designed head allows vertical and lateral gap compensation. Simply push to disassemble. Once in place the fastener is invisible, delivering added value in terms of design and aesthetics.