Rear closure systems

|January 02 , 2019

Push rivets

Aesthetics solutions to fasten finishers and accessories thanks to its finishing possibilities, painted or not, and allows surface treatments. It offers not only simplicity of assembly just by clipping but also eases maintenance.

Metal snap on nuts

Self-retaining and anti-creeping, overall shape is optimized to achieve low push-on forces in line with ergonomic requirements while supporting high tensile loads.


Robust and flexible solution


The sliding snap-on nut is the perfect solution for large parts like tailgate spoilers subject to dilation due to temperature.

It combines robust screw-in assembly with the flexibility of an embedded anti-creeping ring for tolerance management.

Foam guarantees a watertight seal. The nut can be adjusted by sliding before tightening for a perfect position.

Improved quality and assembly time


By auto-adjusting its height, the self-adjustable gap compensation bumper brings a real value in terms of both perceived quality and assembly process.

Its design allows a variable distance between the vehicle body and the tailgate which automatically adjusts to the geometry of the vehicle. This offers an easier and quicker calibration process combined to a very high level of accuracy, preventing gaps and thus vibrations and noise. Its locking is screwless done by quarter-turn.