Sanitary ware

|January 02 , 2019

With ARaymond value-added solutions you can assemble your pipes together in one click for the good transfer of water avoiding screwing process to optimize and facilitate your assembly operation. 
Our plastic Quick Connectors are compatible with drinking water and they are factory tested to resist leaks.


Quick connectors for plumbing fixtures and fittings

According to our in-house water hammer resistance testing for water distribution equipment, our products can withstand pressure of up to 50 bars at 90 °C. In addition, our extensive product catalog covers many diameters and includes optional integrated pressure, temperature, and flow sensors. Our products also include one-way valves and removable connectors.
Whatever your needs, you can count on ARaymond products to reduce assembly time for both the initial installation and replacement. And, for equivalent performance, our solutions are more cost effective than most of the solutions on the market.