The 2581series, with appropriate nose  assemblies, install a wide range of Huck blind fasteners and  HUCKBOLT® fasteners. These lightweight and compact tools  are particularly adapted to installing fasteners in limited  clearance areas. Each tool is complete with hydraulic hoses  and couplings, electric switch and cord.

An unloading valve, designed to relieve hydraulic pressure  at end of the PULL stroke, is positioned by the piston. The  end of the piston rod is threaded. A retaining nut and stop  are included for attaching a nose assembly

There are over a thousand different types of HUCK Nose Assemblies and some can be hard to identify. 

Please contact our engineers for the right solution

258199-10534.8 mm (3/16")BOM
258199-830-16.4 mm (1/4")BOM
258199-7697.9 mm (5/16")BOM
258199-12729.5 mm (3/8")BOM
258199-33189.5 mm (3/8")MAGNA-LOKAUTO-BULB
258199-33077.9 mm (5/16")MAGNA-BULB
258199-99-2457.9 mm (5/16")C6L/C120L
258199-100-2459.5 mm (3/8")C6L/C120L
258199-32064.8 mm (3/16")MAGNA-GRIP
258199-32076.4 mm (1/4")MAGNA-GRIP
258199-14397.9 mm (5/16")MAGNA-GRIP