How Expander System Works?

A. Expander System is installed directly into the existing mounting without expensive welding and line-boring.

B. Upon tightening the fasteners, the washer presses the slotted expansion sleeve up the tapered ends of the pin.

C. The sleeves expand, conform with the wear pattern and lock the system in the lug ears.

D. Once retorqued according to the instructions provided the system will lock from both sides and significantly increase stability.

E.  Easy to remove and reinstall compared to regular straight pins.

The Expander System offers an advanced, cost effective solution that prevents pivot wear, once and for all. With Expander System, the repair can be carried out directly in the worn mountings without welding and line-boring.


Our products have been field tested for over 50000 hours without failure. Each System has been tested and approved for its specific application. With our proprietary Expander System online for 3D engineering, evaluations and design of new applications can be done instantly.


The Expander System is available in sizes and versions for all types of pivots. More than 60000 different Expander System solutions for over 10000 types of machines have been developed. Our Experience and knowledge allows us to offer custom made solutions even If the wear pattern is well beyond standard pin size.


The Component That Boosts Value And Competitiveness

With the Expander System you are making a guaranteed and rewarding investment in a superior solution.

Expander System As A Spare Part


Expander System As An original Equipment Part



From The World’s Foremost Pivot Pin Expert

1.       Pivot pin assemblies for repair of existing pivot wear or as components for new equipment.

2.       In-house developed 3D engineering system ensures effective evaluation, design and production.

3.       High Speed production with manufacturing and delivery of complete pivot system from our standard range within 48 hours, ex works.

4.       Enables on-site installation without welding and line-boring

5.       Expander Academy-quality training and education for design engineers, service and maintenance personnel.

6.       Your single source for virtually any pivot design requirement.

7.       10-years or 10000 hours function warranty.