Part Number:Tapping screws and washer assemblies_自攻螺钉和垫圈组合件   remark : DIN6901__GB9074.1-17
Part Number:Screws and washers assemblies_机器螺钉和垫圈组合件   remark : DIN6900__
Part Number:Cross recessed raised Countersunk head screws_十字槽半沉头螺钉   remark : DIN966_ISO7047_GB820-85
Part Number:Cross recessed countersunk head screws_十字槽沉头螺钉   remark : DIN965_ISO7046_GB819-85
Part Number:Slotted raised countersunk oval head screws_开槽半沉头螺钉   remark : DIN964_ISO2010_GB69-85
Part Number:Slotted countersund head screws_开槽沉头螺钉   remark : DIN963_ISO2009_GB68-85
Part Number:Hexagon head screws_六角头螺栓(半牙)   remark : DIN933_ISO4017_GB5783-86
Part Number:Hexagon head screws_六角头螺栓(全牙)   remark : DIN931_ISO4014_GB5782-86
Part Number:Slotted shoulder screws_开槽无头轴肩螺钉   remark : DIN927__
Part Number:Slotted pan head screw with shoulder_开槽圆柱头轴肩螺钉   remark : DIN923__GB830-88
Part Number:Slotted large cheese head screws_开槽大圆柱头螺钉   remark : DIN921__GB838-88
Part Number:Slotted short cheese head screws_开槽小圆柱头螺钉   remark : DIN920__
Part Number:Hexagon socket set screws with cup point_内六角凹端紧定螺钉   remark : DIN916_ISO4029_GB80-85
Part Number:Hexagon socket set screws with dog point_内六角圆柱端紧定螺钉   remark : DIN915_ISO4028_GB79-85
Part Number:Hexagon socket set screws with cone point_内六角尖端紧定螺钉   remark : DIN914_ISO4027_GB78-85
Part Number:Hexagon socket set screws with falt point_内六角平端紧定螺钉   remark : DIN913_ISO4026_GB77-85
Part Number:Hexagon socket cap screws_内六角圆柱头螺钉   remark : DIN912_ISO4762_GB70-85
Part Number:Hexagon head screw plugs,cyl.thread_外六角直型闭锁螺钉   remark : DIN910__
Part Number:T-slot screws_T 型槽螺钉   remark : DIN787_ISO299_
Part Number:Knurled thumb screws thin type_滚花平头螺钉   remark : DIN653__GB835-88