Part Number:Rounds washers for wood constructions_木螺钉专用垫圈   remark : DIN440_ISO7094_
Part Number:Square washers_方垫圈   remark : DIN436__
Part Number:Square taper washers for_方斜垫圈( I 型)   remark : DIN435__GB852-88
Part Number:Square taper washers for_方斜垫圈( U 型)   remark : DIN434__GB852-88
Part Number:Washers for cheese head screws_小垫圈(用于圆柱头螺钉)   remark : DIN433_ISO7092_GB848-95
Part Number:Wave spring washers_波形弹垫   remark : DIN137-B__GB955
Part Number:Curved spring washers_弹簧止动垫圈   remark : DIN137-A__
Part Number:Single coil spring lock washers_鞍形弹垫   remark : DIN128-A__GB7245-87
Part Number:Spring lock washers,square ends_标准弹垫   remark : DIN127-B__GB93-87
Part Number:Spring lock washers,tang ends_重型弹垫   remark : DIN127-A__GB7244
Part Number:Plain washers_平垫   remark : DIN126_ISO7091_
Part Number:Mediun washers_平垫(带倒角)   remark : DIN125-B_ISO7090_GB97.2-85
Part Number:Plain washers_平垫   remark : DIN125-A_ISO7089_GB97.1-85
Part Number:Tab washers_单耳止动垫圈   remark : DIN93__GB854
Part Number:DIN EN ISO 7094   remark : Plain washer - Extra large series, product grade C
Part Number:DIN EN ISO 7093-2   remark : Plain washer - Large series, product grade C
Part Number:DIN EN ISO 7093-1   remark : Plain washer - Large series, product grade A
Part Number:ASTM F606/F606M-16   remark : Standard Test Methods for Determining the Mechanical Properties of Externally and Internally Threaded Fasteners, Washers, Direct Tension Indicators, and Rivets
Part Number:ASTM F2329/F2329M-15   remark : Zinc Coating, Hot-Dip, Requirements for Application to Carbon and Alloy Steel Bolts, Screws, Washers, Nuts, and Special Threaded Fasteners
Part Number:DIN EN ISO 7092   remark : Plain washer - Small series, product grade A