Part Number:Belting bolts(elevator bolts)_平板螺栓   remark : DIN13257__
Part Number:sping cotter for a bolt_弹簧卡子   remark : DIN11024__
Part Number:Hexagon head bolts for steel structures_钢结构用六角头螺栓   remark : DIN7990__GB1229-84
Part Number:Hexagon head fitted bolts for steel structures_钢结构用六角头螺栓连接副   remark : DIN7968__GB1228/1229/1230
Part Number:Washers for bolts with heavy type spring pinss_重型弹性圆柱销用垫圈   remark : DIN7349__
Part Number:Spuare taper washers for friction grip bolts on T-_楔型方垫圈   remark : DIN6917__
Part Number:Round washers for friction grip bolts_大垫圈   remark : DIN6916__
Part Number:Hexagon head bolts with large head(friction grip nolts)_大六角头螺栓   remark : DIN6914__
Part Number:Stirrup bolts(U-bolts)_U 型螺栓   remark : DIN3570__
Part Number:Turnuckles with eye bolt and hook bolt_花蓝螺栓   remark : DIN1480__
Part Number:Threaded pins(stud bolts)_螺纹销   remark : DIN976__GB15389-94
Part Number:Additional shapes and versions for bolts_头部穿孔六角头螺栓   remark : DIN962__
Part Number:Hexagon head bolts,metric fine pitch thread_六角头细牙螺栓(半牙)   remark : DIN961_ISO8676_GB8786-86
Part Number:Hexagon head bolts,metric fine pitch thread_六角头细牙螺栓(全牙)   remark : DIN960_ISO8765_GB5785-86
Part Number:Hexagon fitted bolts short thread_六角头精配螺栓(短螺栓)   remark : DIN610__
Part Number:Hexagon fitted bolts,long thread_六角头精配螺栓(长螺纹)   remark : DIN609__
Part Number:Flat countersunk short square neck bolts_沉头短方颈马车螺栓   remark : DIN608__
Part Number:Cup head nib bolts_半圆头带插销马车螺栓   remark : DIN607__
Part Number:Flat countersunk long squareneck bolts_沉头长方颈马车螺栓   remark : DIN605__
Part Number:Flat countersunk nib bolts_沉头带插销马车螺栓   remark : DIN604__